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 prices and levels

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PostSubject: prices and levels   Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:39 am

level : price
4 $5 | £3 | 3.50 EUR
3 $3 | £1.50 | 2 EUR
2 $2 | £1 | 1.25 EUR

to upgrade by 1 level it will cost $2 | £1 | 1.25 EUR e.g if you level2 and want to move up to level3.

commands for each level

Level 2 (includes Level 1)
giveweapon, setcolour, lockcar, unlockcar, burn, spawn, disarm, lcar, lbike, lheli, lboat, lplane, hightlight, announce, announce2, screen, jetpack, flip, goto, vgoto, lgoto, fu, warn, slap, jailed, frozen, mute, unmute, muted, laston, lspec, lspecoff, lspecvehicle, clearchat, lmenu, ltele, cm, ltmenu, write.

Level 3 (includes level 1 and 2)
sethealth, setarmour, setcash, setscore, setskin, setwanted, setname, setweather, settime, setworld, setinterior, force, eject, bankrupt, sbankrupt, ubound, lweaps, lammo, countdown, duel, car, carhealth, carcolour, setping, setgravity, destroycar, teleplayer, vget, givecar, gethere, get, kick, explode, jail, unjail, freeze, unfreeze, akill,aka, disablechat, clearallchat, caps, move, moveplayer, healall, armourall, setallskin, setallwanted, setallweather, setalltime, setallworld, setallscore, setallcash, giveallcash, giveallweapon, lweather, ltime, lweapons.

Level 4 (includes level 1 , 2 and 3)
disable, god, godcar, die, ban, rban, settemplevel, botcheck, invis, uninvis, killinvis, fakedeath, spawnall, muteall, unmuteall, getall, killall, freezeall, unfreezeall, kickall, slapalll, explodeall, disarmall, ejectall.

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PostSubject: Reply   Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:44 am

Nice, this might help you pay for the server costs.
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prices and levels
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